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Asif Shabbir
Chief Editor

Asif Shabbir

Chief Editor

Having 32 years experience in the field of journalism as Editor,Deputy Editor, Editor coordination, Editor Reporting, Chief Reporter and Staff Reporter in different Leading Urdu and English Language newspapers of Pakistan.

Newspapers in which he served on different posts:

Daily MUSLIM, Islamabad. Daily PAKISTAN OBSERVER, Islamabad. Daily KHABRAIN, Islamabad. Daily JINNAH, Islamabad. Daily AMN, Karachi. Daily TAMEER, Rawalpindi. Daily HAYAT, Rawalpindi. Daily PUKKAR, Islamabad.Daily SANG-E-MEEL,Islamabad. Daily KAINAAT, Islamabad. Daily AL-AKHBAR. Weekly AL-FATAH, Karachi,Weekly TALWAR,Lahore. Also worked with Foreign International media as Stringer.

Expert In:

International, Regional and local politics,Pakistan’s Tribal Areas, Afghanistan, Terrorism, political, ethnic, religious territorial and sectarian militancy,Human Rights abuses,Nacotics and Human Smuggling, Defence Affair,and Kashmir Issue. Wrote so many articles and columns on these issues.

Special Interviews:

Al-Qaida Chief, OSAMA BIN LADAN, In May, 1998, at AL-Badar Camp, In Province of Khost, Afghanistan. Colonal Muammar Qadafi, Head of State, Libya, in 1993. Saddam Husssain, Head of State, Iraq, in 1985 and Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Visited 5 countries, JAPAN, IRAQ, LIBYA, OMAN, ALBANIYA by the invitation of the Governments of these countries. Visited Turkey and Iraq with Former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, when she was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1989. Visited 5 European countries, United Kingdom,Germany, Neatherland, Belgium and France, For preparation of Special Report on the problems of the Pakistani Asylum Seekers and Pakistani community.

Twice visited JAPAN and wrote two comprehensive stories on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, first victims of Atomic bomb in II World War.

Muqaddar Iqbal


Having a vast experience in the field of journalism he is author of three best selling books, TALIBAN KI WAPSI (Return of Taliban), SIXTY DAYS IN AFGHANISTAN and SAKOOT-E-BAGHDAD (Surrurender of Baghdad).

Taliban ki wapsi Afghanistan mein 60 din Saqoot-e-Baghdad

With a Pushtoon background he have an extera ordinary knowledge of Afghanistan’s history, culture ethnic and religious conflicts. During Soviet Union illegal occupation he filed comprehensive stories about all important events to his newspaper and during Taliban regime he was working with two Japanese Television Channels, Fuji News Network and Tokyo Broadcasting Syestem.

His exclusive stories were also carried by the other international media. When Taliban regime was fall at that time he was in Afghanistan and he was eye witness of fall of the Taliban, He wrote a book “SIXTY DAYS IN AFGHANISTAN”, based on eye witness account. He is fearless journalist and he visited so many times Afghanistan after the fall of Taliban and brought good stories about latest situation of Taliban ‘s war against allied forces.

He worked very hard to discover the AL-Qaida net work and get profiles of Leaders of AL-Qaida.He have close eye on Al-Qaida activities in Afghanistan and in Tribal area of Pakistan.He is also expert Pakistan’s province Balouchistan.

He worked in Pakistan’s leading urdu language newspapers, Daily KHABRAIN Islamabad, Daily AUSAF, Islamabad, Daily JINNAH, Islamabad and Daily HAMDARD Islamabad.

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